How to Delegate Effectively

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Naveed Mughal

6 Ways to Delegate Effectively

  1. Trust the team you are assigning the task to 
  2. Choose the right person for the right task – according to their skills and experience
  3. Give clear instructions – provide them with enough information for them to successfully complete the task.
  4. Establish a system – to establish a communication path between you and your team so that deadlines and timelines are established and to check on progress and to get to know your team better.
  5. Delegate responsibility and authority so they excel in their assigned tasks
  6. Acknowledge the effort and work of team members as this can inspire loyalty and satisfaction for the tasks accomplished among team and forms the basis of performance reviews.

Delegating has several benefits that need to be considered

  • It gives you more time to focus on higher-level tasks
  • It gives you more time for things that matter to you
  • It gives others opportunities to develop new skills.
  • It allows others to develop themselves and grow
  • It allows you to develop trust
  • It introduces you to new ways of doing tasks

Guidelines for Delegating

1. When building an atmosphere to delegate, there need to be clear objectives for the person taking on the additional responsibility.

2. You need to establish an understanding of the task assigned.

3. Be clear on the objectives and outcomes.

4. Ask for any concerns they may have and their suggestions and ideas.

5. Have an understanding of the goal.

6. Clarify the what, when and why.

7. Establish the major do’s and don’ts.

8. Be clear about the amount of time and/or money to spend.

9. Afterward, review and assess the outcome. This process builds a consensus and trust.

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