What we learned from Accountex 2022

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Naveed Mughal

Would people attend after a pandemic?

Back in March, with just 2 months until show day, we decided to exhibit at Accountex 2022.

Exhibiting again had been on our horizon for a while but, due to the pandemic, like many others, we were holding back on making a decision. Not because we were concerned about the value of attending Accountex, but because we were not sure whether people would be ready for face-to-face events in an enclosed space. Would the visitors turn up?

Fortunately, we made the right decision! The hall was packed with interesting exhibitors and the visitors came out in their thousands.

We attended many trade shows previously so knew what we wanted from Accountex and how much work goes into getting ready to exhibit. 

New Company, new goals, new aspirations

But this time we were doing it under a new company name, therefore, we had no marketing materials, the website wasn’t ready, we didn’t have any existing exhibiting equipment and we were not really sure who was going to be available to work the stand on the day. Whilst this is not the best way to manage exhibiting at a trade show, it certainly has a way of focusing the mind!

Of course, we turned up on the day with plenty of people available to speak to the hundreds of visitors we met, the stand looked great, we had all the marketing materials and give aways we needed and the website was fully functioning.

This was just the beginning

It was amazing to speak to so many accountants interested in outsourcing. For some they were experienced outsourcers looking for an alternative supplier but for the majority we spoke to, outsourcing was just a very small idea flickering away in the back of their minds. They knew they had to make changes to the way they ran their practice but hadn’t yet settled on what those changes were or how to make them.

Working a trade show exhibition stand is certainly exhausting however, the real hard work starts in making sure that you contact everyone you met. Following up is the whole point of meeting people. It is very rare that you would meet someone at a trade show who decides to buy your service or product there and then. And, one email or phone call, will not suffice. Again, it is unlikely that someone is sitting waiting for you to call. In most cases they are busy running their business and what seemed like a priority when they took the time to take a day out of the office to look into outsourcing has long since fallen back off the agenda, behind servicing clients, managing staff and juggling all the challenges of keeping an accountancy practice going.

So, what are the main takeaways from attending a major accounting trade show.

  1. Be very clear on why you are attending that particular trade show – You could have the very best stand at the show but if they are the wrong audience you have wasted your time and money.
  2. Carefully consider your branding & messaging – How do you wish to present to your audience? Does your message meet your objective of exhibiting at the show?
  3. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your marketing materials, website and resource. – Getting these things right can make the difference between a successful show and an expensive mistake.
  4. Tell everyone you are exhibiting and invite contacts to visit you on your stand. – This is a great way to reconnect with people you have been meaning to catch up with, as well as meeting new people you have been trying to meet up with. This is where social media comes into its own.
  5. Make notes on who you meet and what you spoke about. – It makes it a lot easier to follow up afterwards when you know what you spoke about previously.
  6. Follow up with everyone you meet. – Whether it is a red-hot prospect or not, it is worth prioritising your follow ups and building a strategy around ensuring that everyone has been followed up. We are not suggesting you harass people with constant calls and emails, but keeping in touch with contacts is how relationships are built. They may not need your services now but maybe they will in the future. 
  7. Green and Blacks chocolate is much more popular than Roses, Celebrations or Haribo – Just saying!

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